Zoetic Soul


I am so excited, today I am completing the last few pages of my book! 09/09/2016 – over a year later…

Zoetic Soul was published on 27th January 2017!

Zoetic Soul is a journey including my life’s personal experiences, and tranced dialogue from the voice of souls who have passed.

You will resonate as you read page by page the inspirations, traumas, and revelations contained within Zoetic Soul.

Is this book for you?


Do you want to make changes in your life and feel held back?
Do you want more from life?
Do you want to let go of past conditioning?
Do you know there is more, and want to access it?
Are you curious about the spirit world?
Are you curious about life?
Answer yes to one or more of the questions above or similar questions


Amazon reviews…. all 5*

Fantastic read. This book has helped in many ways, from settling and obtaining an understanding of my past which has helped me to accept and move on from certain situations. It will open your mind to a different kind of world, that will guide you to a better understanding of the universe.
Zoetic Soul should not be read before bed, only because you will not want to put the book down, and realise you only have a few hours until you need to be awake (several nights of this). I will be reading it again in the next few days.

Highly recommend this book to all on a spiritual path.

Wonderful book enlightening

This book is amazing you read it and it’s amazing a real eye opener that I wanted to read it again an only to make bullet points into my own life it’s a book that makes you go ahh I see that’s why it’s so interesting loved it and I’m not really a book person but I was hooked

Brilliant read! I have to admit – got a bit confused on the first read, read it again and, it all made sense. Also, handy to make some notes to refer back to.

Had to read it all in one go, then bought it again in paperback…so interesting and so many things fell into place for me, a real eye opener

Quick delivery. Great book

I had this book bought for me as a present. Once i started reading it i couldnt put it down. For me a Great Read..