Universal Energies Personal and Business

WELCOME TO Universal-Energies Personal and Business 

You have identified the need for forward vision and movement in your Life

You want to, or are about to start your own business

You are ready to take another step forward in your personal life

Together we will smash the blocks that stop you being super successful!

I will give you…

A 90 minute call/skype in which we will identify and clear your blocks.
Grounding and protection from outside negativity
A forward thinking Plan Of Action

New visions to embrace
Visualisation stepping into SUPER SUCCESS!


​I will be available for one follow up call of 20 minutes at your convenience.

I will voice record the session for you to listen back to.

I will identify and release unnecessary blocks

I will give guidance on new ideas and branches for future development

You are now mentally prepared for change and SUPER SUCCESS! 



90 Minutes of uninterruped time

Follow up 20 minutes of your time

Your ears to listen

Time to be ready to feel healed, have brand new ideas and know-how to implement them.

The excitement and enthusiasm into all that you do from this call forward. Build on the momentum and keep it going!


Enabling soul purpose living is key to knowing you are living as you are intended to.

How can I say this and fully believe it? After 1000’s of consultations, in this personal and business sector, it has been shown to me time and time again in the success of others.

Connect through Jan to the Universal-Energies and you WILL receive the perfect guidance there is.

YOU can choose to follow this or not.

YOU came to earth to connect to the Universal-Energies for guidance.

YOU came to earth to learn and live about things YOU have not even thought about.

THE UNIVERSE HAS THE ANSWERS it talks to me for you


So, if you have a plan, thought or dream which has difficulty in materialising, you need help.

DO NOT give up, as the Universe is here to help… book your time with Jan and you will be enriched, guided, healed and motivated

Jan looks forward to enabling change for you, she is an enabler.

Once you have gone through the next step and secured your time, a mutually suitable slot in the day or evening will be arranged.

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