UE Development Space

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Joining the membership group NOW will give you a lifelong membership with no increase in your fee…

 for as long as you stay without a break

Welcome to Universal Energies Development Group

Why - Join in a group for development. 

This group is a private safe area to learn about 
your spiritual path, of which there are many different ways to go.
You will learn to recognise what is right for you as you are guided 
and nurtured into that wonderful knowing feeling, your ultimate place to be. 
You know you have the calling to develop, or at least think you do, that is 
all you need and a thirst to learn more. We can do this together.

Where – In a small private Facebook members only group

When - Continual access to the group with specific times for live feeds and external webinars, 
feedback and support from Jan, Daily.

What – This group is suitable for all levels and will begin with the basics of spiritual development.
As this work needs to have good all round knowledge before you specialise, this is where we begin.

Some of the more advanced members are finding this useful as they 'missed' out on the basic foundations when they began.

Experience the live TEACHINGS.

What will be covered in the group, this list is not exhaustive?

Some of the topics we will cover in no particular order:

  • Intuition
  • Third eye
  • Meditation + monthly meditations
  • Connecting to self and self awareness
  • Clairs.. Clair sentience, Clair audience etc
  • Psychic
  • Mediumship
  • Chakra
  • Grounding and Protection
  • Affirmations
  • Synchronicity
  • How to be in control of others’ negativity
  • Signs from the universe
  • Signs from loved ones
  • Readings looking at oracle cards and other tools
  • learn to love yourself… properly and why you should
  • plus lots more

It is very important to learn the basics, these give you the foundations to build on in the future.

‘A house is not built without foundations to give it strength’


Feedback from those already in the group

There will be Q&A sessions, where you can ask your spiritual questions and concerns.

Live feed teachings



Sharing experiences


Build your own portfolio as a reference tool by printing off the booklets and information sheets that accompany the teachings.

Jan will not be giving readings in here other than on reading practise sessions.

Jan has a history of teaching and has delivered many development classes in the past, taking a break to write her book.

Now, teaching more and more online and out in the community workshops.

Cost £25.00 per month

The date you join will be your monthly billing cycle.

There are no refunds if you decide to leave half way through a billing cycle.

You are free to leave at anytime, there is no commitment other than the monthly fee.

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Should you decide you no longer want to be in the group – It is your responsibility to cancel your subscription or contact Jan to do this for you otherwise your payment is automatically taken and will not be refunded.

love and gratitude and healing to all in their lives