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Consultations – helping you to find your happy place


Why would you book a consultation?
  • This is a very special time for you  to connect with Jan.
  • This is a time where you can speak about anything.
  • This is a time for YOU to decide what you want in your life, 
    with the help of Jan's connections.
  • This time can be very personal, confidentiality on 
    all levels is respected at all times.
  • This is a time for personal, business and or 
    spiritual developments.

The nature of this time can vary tremendously from person to person. Everyone is unique and therefore their needs are. Adaptability and resourcefulness are traits Jan excels in.

Whether you are looking how to move forward in your life, in your business life, or on your spiritual path; these consultations will identify your needs and a plan of action will be outlined for the coming few months.

Not only will your needs be identified, solutions and choices will be given to you.

“My heart feels so much lighter.”


  • Where you are stuck in your life.
  • Why you are stuck in your life.
  • Ways to release in your life.

The vision-:

  • Create your vision.
  • Begin to move forward with your action plan.
  • Identify additional support if necessary

” You always show me a different way to think about things.” 

Private one to one consultations with Jan are available online recorded in ZOOM

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Consultations – £195-pp

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