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Following a recent journal-ling for 30days in the self, life and soul development group here on FB I am excited to be offering you the chance to begin to change your life and the life of your family.

“The 30 day journaling was for me, a very interesting experience, initially I was writing usually one word comments, but as the month went on I found it easier to write more, the drawing exercises really freed me up! But more than anything it properly made me aware, consider and ‘make friends’ with my soul. I haven’t read back over the 30 days, and think I will leave it before I do, until after the next lot of writings. X”

“I’ve been clearing clutter and moved 90% of things for charity and garbage and the whole family is calming down as well. So much more synchronicity and harmony in my home. Smudging tomorrow! ❤️”


Implement changes

  • Release an old habit and replace with a new one
  • Realise the importance of positivity in your life
  • Have gratitude for all that you experience
  • Shake it up a bit – nothing is boring or unreal

Journal-ling – what is it?

Take a notebook and write daily. Basically, that is what journal-ling is.

There is a lot more to it than that especially if you do this with guided daily posts.

Journal-ling will help you to create flow in your life, be more mindful of what is happening around you and give you a sense of purpose and maybe control over issues you may have a lack in right now.

A recent Journal-ling session has given people clarity on their life purpose.

Shown them which areas of their life need to be worked on and how to do it.

Finding freedom within will give you that strong inner core necessary to move forward and live your life in your intended way.

Why do this for parents and children?

Hear more about family journal-ing

So many parents speak to me about their children for several reasons:

  • They may be sensitive to energies and life.
  • They may have an apparent disadvantage to the other children at school.
  • They may lack self-esteem.
  • They may need a bit more encouragement than just words from a parent.
  • They may need to think things out for themselves.
  • They may just need a space to call their own.

There are many reasons you need to journal with your children.

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