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Fibromyalgia- join the new facebook group here   Universal-energies Fibromyalgia 

the “F” word that we really don’t want to talk about

A little background about me and my life

  • Had F for over 15 years
  • Been bed ridden
  • Had anxiety
  • Had thoughts of suicide tried suicide twice
  • Previously Walked with a walking aid and used disability badges
  • Had depression
  • Had weight gain
  • Had nearly every symptom allegedly associated with F
  • Had to quit my job as a teacher in Adult Education- trained at Nottingham University UK

I am so proud that I say HAD, in the past and it is not in the now!


I co/delivered a support group in the Midlands UK for about 3 years, I saw lots of people with F come and go.

Needing my energy to put into my business and regaining my life resulted in my decision to stop delivering in the group.

I wanted to help people in a different way.



Business development

Teaching Cert Ed

Many IT certs

Reiki healing Master Teacher

Massage, Swedish, Lomi Lomi, holistic massage, Indian head massage

Spiritual Healer

Chakra Balancing

Aura Work

Crystal Reiki Master

Anatomy and physiology diploma

Angelic connection

Universal-energy worker

Medium/ clairvoyant— plus all other clairs



Trance Work

Meditation guide

Author – ZOETIC SOUL. Pertaining to life. Your life. published 27th January 2017 – Reached number one in two categories and continues to jump in and out of the top 100!

Author – chapter 5 in – Inspirational women of the world – published 19 November 2020 – 22 women 22 chapters

Plus many more



If you connect to my business page on Facebook, @janmayfield11 you will see reviews about my work as a psychic medium BUT if you read them people talk about the type of person I am and not just about “readings”. You may want to read some as validation to my integrity, I am here to help people! 

  • Work full time in intuitive work with holistic healing, massage and readings
  • I “tune” in to people, their bodies, mind and soul… it is my thing.. if you like 🙂
  • I get results and love to watch as people change, develop and drop what they don’t need to carry… emotionally!
  • One to one sessions
  • Bespoke package for those with fibromyalgia offering full support-Keep an eye out for my Fibromyalgia and depression book in 2020
  • Group sessions
  • Workshops
  • Video support
  • Spiritual development, guidance and teaching
  • Skype connection all over the world. The USA is increasingly becoming my main area of connection
  • VIP ELITE program for those who want to excel, not only in their life but in spiritual work too.
  • Teacher/guide to many Psychics and mediums
  • plus much more


The time is right for you to take stock of your life.

I don’t want you to go out and look for medication to help with your F.

I want you to look at YOU, sort out who YOU are, why you are here and to make changes accordingly.

There are many factors to look at holistically.

Now, when I talk holistically I do not mean I am a hippy, dressed in purple and creating rain dances and spells. That is not how I work and say each to their own.

I have been known to hug a tree! 🙂

Working with someone, mind, body and soul helps them to become a whole person.

When you do not connect to selF, there is always something missing.

I give you the opportunity and tools to find your missing.


I have opened a Facebook group called Universal-energies Fibromyalgia and this is for people who want to learn how to survive and have a good life with F, until the day a cure is found.

By the time you have worked through my programme you are likely to feel like you have a cure.

So many people wait for a cure and miss so many years of their life.

Equally, so many people take piles of medication; they are only existing until the next medication time.

We want to create flow in your life, mind and body.

There are many ways to do this.

You need to be prepared to take little steps to do this.

This will not happen over night, this will not happen without pain, this will not happen without tears, anger and frustration.