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Taking the ‘F’ out of FIBROMYALGIA –

Conference 1


6th April 2019

10.00am to 4.00pm


Includes refreshments throughout the day

If you are reading this then you either have Fibromyalgia or know someone with it.

I am not a doctor and will give no medical advice or talk about medications you should or should not be taking. That is your responsibility.


“The intention for the day is to make you aware of alternative ways to alleviate most of the symptoms without medication.”


I have over 18 years’ experience living with this condition and will share my tried and tested methods. Why some worked then and don’t now, we are all evolving, therefore the methods we use to help ourselves should too.

FEAR – we will look at FEAR – The fear of having it and the fear of not having it.

FEED – we will look at FEED – Did you know you are feeding it? This is more than food!

FREE – we will look at FREE – What would it mean to have that sense of being free from it?

Who is this day for – YOU if you have Fibromyalgia or know someone with it. Want to learn how to live with it. Want to have a better life than the one before it. Want to grow your knowledge base on how to help yourself. Really find out what Fear, Feed and Free are all about.


There are no gimmicks, nothing to purchase – apart from your ticket and lunch – I have a ‘go fund me’ account if there is enough in there I will contribute to your lunch!


Spread the word about my ‘go fund me’

as even a £1 will help in so many ways.

Are you ready to make the changes necessary to live your life, the one you know is there for you?


When I was diagnosed the consultant told me as I walked out of the door and looked back at him with desperation written in my eyes – go and live your life!

I hated him for saying that! With that wonderful hindsight, it was the best thing he could have said to me.

I am ready to share this with you, to guide you, to open your eyes and to create a platform for you to gravitate to, for that help and guidance once the day is over.


See you on the 6th April 2019

Jan Mayfield




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