Donation Day

Donation day – Live on Facebook – is here EVERY MONTH as promised

Wednesday 29th September 2021 – 4 sessions 11-12am – 2-3pm – 5-6pm – 7-8pm

Join me live on Wednesday 29th September 2021 for an energetically charged live feed session throughout the day.
Everyone is welcome!

Intuitively connecting for you. These all day sessions are full of energy and buoyancy as well as having a light healing element.

I am proud to have written and published Zoetic Soul and Jouraling for 30 days. During lockdown 2020 I penned a chapter as part of a collaborative book – inspirational women of the world –

What is donation live feed day?


I will be live for approx. 4 -6 hours!

Pay in advance to secure your reading with Jan, donate at least 1000 stars on the day – or pop along and you might be chosen to receive a card or two.

Throughout the sessions, there is guidance, oracle cards, mediumship, and clairvoyance- bringing in and working with the energies of those who have passed to bring you comfort, validation and peace.
This day will also bring in lots of other valuable information on letting go – releasing the past – how to connect to your life purpose etc


A prior donation will guarantee your time with me on one of the sessions.

You don’t have to donate there may be some short messages etc for you

This session is open to everyone and will follow the format of my other live sessions, dynamically responding to your questions.

A place to feel free to ask and be given all that you need on the day.

USE THE LINKS BELOW to secure your time on this session – choose £5, £10 £15 or £20 that is GBP currency and all times are BST time zone There is a link at the bottom of the page to check your time zone.

**£5 donation for two cards on the day
**£10 donation – insight into your path with four cards and any intuitive guidance on the day
**£15 donation – two cards and mediumship on the day
**£20 donation – as many cards as I want and connect to a loved one/guide/angels – what or who chooses to come and join us.
1000 stars – two cards and mediumship

I am so excited to be joining you on the 29th SEPTEMBER 2021!

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I will be live between 11am and 8pm with breaks in-between – find me on my page on Wednesday 29th September 2021

Dip in and out as your time allows throughout the day.
Much love, blessings and guidance
“I say it as it is, with love and compassion.”

The UK law states this is for entertainment purposes only – see my website for full terms and conditions etc

There are no refunds and the usual terms etc apply

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