Disclaimer/terms/refunds etc


Development programmes/groups – Any initial offers end date will then be followed by the full monthly amount being debited from the card source you signed up with. To end your subscription after the free period – please email or call Jan 07772967578 to cancel your subscription.

It is assumed you will carry on after the initial free period and it is your responsibility to cancel.


If after a 1-3 weeks of working together you feel it is not for you, right now in your life then a refund Minus £50/£100 is given.

After this time if you come out of your programme for any reason there are no refunds.

Should you fall ILL, your programme can be deferred to a later date.

allow 30 days to receive your refund


One month premium support

If after the initial consultation you feel you are not ready or that I or you feel we can not work together then a full refund will be issued here, one the programme has started then no refunds are given


Cutting cords

Once you have paid and accessed the group there are no refunds.


Readings either via email/skype or phone

Once the reading has taken place there are no refunds.

If you are not resonating with your reading (this has never happened) I am happy to give you a follow up phone call of no more than 60 minutes and not less than 20 minutes, 3 months after your initial appointment.


Terms and conditions

You are responsible for your own health and finances although guidance is often given. Please approach a professional body in that area if you need further assistance.

Programms are designed to change mind-set, this can take upward of 21 days. do not expect miracles to happen in a day.

All work written/audio or pictures are the sole property of Jan Mayfield and you do not have permission granted to use in any way.

No reproduction of any part of Jan Mayfield’s work, with out prior consent.

There is no “spam” allowed either way.

All programmes are available as to what is available at any given time. times and appointments may have to be adjusted.

Zero tolerance of abuse, either verbally, written or physical.

JM is not liable  for an direct or indirect, incidental, special or exemplary damages. due to any circumstances monitory or otherwise. You are responsible for Yourself and all that you do with or from or including any programme you undertake. I have no control over the internet, servers or data transfer.

There are no warranties or grantees, we work together but ultimately you are responsible for your actions, words and motions.

All Jan Mayfield’s services are for 18+ years of age unless by prior arrangement consultation

You are agreeing that all comments/suggestions and feedback are free to be used in JM promotions and displayed in her website and social media to aid others in their decision making.

For all other questions and queries please contact Jan, initially via email events@janmayfield.com

Disclaimer in relation to psychic and mediumship
This disclaimer is a result of the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 UK
Which replaces the Fraudulent Mediums act 1951.

My services are given with genuine and sincere respect to those who come to me, either for a one to one reading or a phone/skype reading, or spiritual/Reiki healing. I give my all and my best at all times. I have the greatest respect for the wonderful work that I do, and work hard to keep it in tip top condition. I expect the respect in return from anyone connecting with me.

I am not responsible for your actions taken after a reading with me, you are your own responsibility.
I fully believe in everything I do and do it with the sole purpose of helping my fellow man to find solace and comfort in his or her everyday life. But for legal reasons I must state that psychic readings are intended for entertainment purposes only and have to make you aware that clairvoyance and mediumship may not give you the answers you are looking for. But will give you what you need, in my experience.

Having said that, spirit have never disappointed!
Careful consideration should be taken about any guidance given during the reading as it is not meant to be a blueprint as to how you should live your life and any decisions made from this are entirely your own legal and personal responsibility only. Both now and in the future.

I would also like to advise if you are seeking information for legal. Medical. Medical health or financial issues the you should contact the appropriate professionals for help in these matters.

By booking a reading with me I ask that you respect that I have your good intentions at heard. Will not tell you anything that will deliberately distress you but I will always give you a truthful and honest reading to the best of my ability.