UE Releasing

Cutting Cords that Tie you to your Past


to depression or other illness’

Are you?
Do You?

Become increasingly frustrated and sometimes angry…

∞ Keep making the same mistake?
∞ Not learning from the past?
∞ Can’t be your true self?
∞ Know there is something missing?
∞ Want to take more control of your life?
∞ Others do it, why can’t I?

Above are a few questions we often ask ourselves.

We hang on to the past, our past emotions are stored in our subconscious minds. This is what drives us back to the past and away from something we want in the present.

This can manifest in many ways:

∞ Three steps forwaholding on to stuffrd and two steps back.
∞ Almost there and it is taken away from you.
∞ Too much emotion connected to an action.
∞ Repeating mistakes and never letting go.
∞ Thinking you are not good enough.
∞ Thinking success is not for you.

Most people get to a point in their life, when they want to let go of the past and move forward
They want to move on in life but feel stuck and don’t fully understand what holds them back.

Now is the best time to fix those pieces together to make your life whole.

Cutting Cords is a 30-day programme


Your commitment

Every day- listen to a 2.5 minutes meditation/visualisation twice a day
Each day it takes only 5 minutes
That is  2.5hours out of 730.49hours in one month, to help you to let go of connections to the past you no longer need to carry around with you.
Q. Who can use this method?
A. Anyone who can listen to a recording.

The time is right, now, to release yourself from these connections and free up some space for new things to come into your life!

What others have said…
NH – So today day 4 Jan I’m feeling a lot more positive about myself Iv connected so well with this program Thank you for this amazing opportunity. Jan Medium Mayfield – That is wonderful NH … Every day you will have changes now… So excited for you xxx
TP Day 4 for me today! Yesterday was difficult but today is better. I am letting go of a lot I believe. At one point I thought my balloon would Pop! I do feel a little more grounded today
LD – I’m seeing things flow from my chest with this one, into the balloon, unlike the previous ones which flowed from my stomach. On the second time, though, the negative things flowed from both places. Xx
JC – it was chilling, made me cold all over. Each balloon had a different colour of stars and petals streaming around and over me. The most amazing ever, I haven’t felt this free in a very long time. I was clapping my hands and thanking God and the Angels for bringing me here, for helping me…And 30 days. Like where did that go then? lol Thank you Jan Many beautiful blessings your way xxx
Above are 4 testimonials as they were at different stages of 30 days of cutting cords.

After completing the 30 days you may feel:

At Peace

Everyone who has worked through the 30 days has had a great reaction, some stronger than others and some more beneficial than others but ALL saw a difference in their lives.
Why would you not do this?

****Cutting Cords 30 day Videos are available to everyone with support in a private group.

A one off Payment of £19.97 creates access for the lifetime of the group, interaction with others, discussion and access to my expertise within the group. I will personally answer the questions posted.****

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