Life and Soul Purpose Living

Life and soul purpose living – what is that?

Learning to live with great foundations in a flowing manner. Happiness is felt with a connection to self with a realisation of purpose.

A collection of like minded people join together to support each other in life. Inspiration is gleamed as everyone sees the importance of daily support. A place to meet at anytime of day.

Life and soul purpose living is a subscription group – on FB

use the links below to join – One month FREE if you pay for a year.

Do not be the reaction to someone’s actions

Transmute your way along your life path! 😊

Are you ready to make lasting changes in your life?

Are you?

This group is buoyant and dynamic making and creating changes, guiding you where you need to go; where you should be. This group is very supportive of each other’s needs, wants and desires.

Teaching, guiding and mentoring people for over 30 years full time has been my passion in life.

Sharing my passion to help others see their passion is my passion!

This has brought me to create an affordable membership group of only £25pp per month – you can join and leave whenever you want to.

There comes a time in your life to show you are serious about taking action to release the habits which no longer serve you.

This is your time now.

One space to share and grow in life is here for you to have a purpose everyday. STOP looking for something, know you have it right here with us.

This group covers the following and more

  • Providing a safe space for you to develop your life
  • Live feed four mornings a week
  • Meditation
  • Guidance
  • Journaling three times a week
  • Angelic guidance
  • Short readings (from me and those who are developing)
  • Channelled messages from the universal energies to you and to the collective – these message are worth more than the monthly membership alone
  • Card readings
  • Monthly ZOOM learning spaces
  • Soul Purpose
  • Divine energy emergence
  • Dream impetration
  • Connecting with loved ones (passed)
  • Recognising the right signs in your life
  • Sharing your experiences
  • Sharing your inspirational pictures and words
  • Discussion
  • Q&A
  • Monthly inspirational led journaling
  • Plus lots more

This group is buoyant and dynamic making and creating changes in your lives, taking you where you need to go, where you should be.

Let’s join together to help each other progress on our life purpose

Follow this link to take advantage monthly £25 membership

Follow this link to the one free month yearly payment

PLEASE NOTE – This is a monthly subscription group – once you join your payment will be taken on that date every month/year until YOU unsubscribe. There are no refunds. You may leave at any time and join at any time. Pay for a year and receive one month free saving £25.

Thank you for all your support to date xxx

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