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CHANGE, CHANGE, CHANGE- I love changes they mean growth and action!

Transmutation too! 😊

Are you on board with the new changes?

Are you ready to make lasting changes in your life?

Are you?

I have done this work, teaching, guiding and mentoring many people. It is from all those connections that I now move on to a different phase in my life. Sharing all I have learnt with you in a more concise manner. I will amalgamate groups and have one big happy family membership group which will be £10pp per month – you can join and leave whenever you want to.

Why is it so cheap? (someone said it was!)

Yes, I know I should charge more, thank you to all who point this out to me on a regular basis. The cost will rise but the price you come in at is the price you will pay in any continuous time frame.

There comes a time in your life to show you are serious about taking action to make changes. This is your time now.

I am sharing my expertise with you.

It is time to bring everything together in one group for my spiritual work and those who like readings and want growth in their lives and spiritual path.

The spiritual group will consist of more activity in the form of:

  • live feed
  • meditation
  • guidance
  • short readings (from me and those who are developing)
  • competitions
  • Card readings
  • Soul Purpose
  • Dreams
  • Connecting with loved ones
  • Seeing the right signs in your life
  • Sharing your experiences
  • Sharing your inspirational pictures and words
  • Discussion
  • Offers
  • Plus lots more

This group will be buoyant and dynamic making and creating changes in your lives, taking you where you need to go, where you should be.

How is this going to happen?

Current FB groups

  • Universal-energies development space – monthly membership fee – NO CHANGE
  • Universal-Energies Personal/Spiritual Awareness and GrowthCHANGES

This will be renamed and have a monthly fee of £10pp

This group will transition over a couple of months after which those who choose not to join the monthly membership will be asked to leave the group.

There will be a PayPal link in the group for your monthly membership fee.

  • Universal-energies meditation – this group will close, and all meditations will be available in the new group
  • Universal-energies past life regression – this group will close
  • Universal-energies releasingNO CHANGE
  • Universal-energies Zoetic SoulNO CHANGE maybe name change
  • Universal-energies spiritual/life development BEGINNERS This teaching group will phase out as people leave.
  • Universal-energies – challenges – new group
  • Universal-energies popup group NO CHANGE

Let’s embrace the changes and join together to help each other progress on our life purpose

Follow this link to take advantage monthly membership

Follow this link to the free month yearly payment

I will be looking for a couple of admins to help me too.

Thank you for all your support to date xxx🙏🤗💥💥🤩🥳