11-11 Executive Programme

Invest in yourself to receive the best for yourself

Do You Want Support in Your Life?

Someone experienced to help you with those questions, 

the ones you don't have the answers to, which you can't share with 
your friends?
Join 11-11 Executive Programme


The questions you have about life. You know the ones that generally 
start with...
 "this may sound stupid... but"

Please rest assured I have heard all, nothing is stupid, 
weird or unimportant.

I am here to receive your questions, answer them and guide you.


Whatever your reason for being stuck in your life... 

feeling nervous, out of sorts, not knowing which way to turn etc...

I am here for all those reasons and more

Maybe you are successful in your life and need help in business, or visa 
Maybe you are or have been ill and need support getting back on track.
I will reunite you with your mojo!


 Why choose me to work with?



What’s included?


Initial 2 Skype calls introduction and plan

One Skype call for introductions and to determine what your needs are and the second to outline your  plan of action.

We will work through this together and agree the next step.

Weekly messenger one on one chat, to nurture your new beginnings

Ask your questions in messenger between the skype calls to help you on your way.

Every two weeks skype chat

These chat sessions are invaluable to keep you on track. To eliminate any new blocks coming your way and to ensure smooth flow in your new found soul purpose. (approx.. 30min)

Identify blocks and remove, looking deeper into blocks and observing  past life and ancestral influences

Together we will identify and remove all obstacles in your way.  dispersing that feeling of being dragged into the past… three steps forward two steps back

∞Plan and create self development  and or business development

∞Plus dynamic interaction with solutions to your unique soul purpose

∞ Facebook group
A private group for only those on this programme. Meet with other like minded people and share your experiences as much or as little as you want. (this is optional and most people who take this programme choose not to access the group setting)


...accept change 

...become more in tune with self

...to let go of what no longer serves you

...to listen/discuss and compromise

...take short meditations

...open your eyes

...Take ACTION! ...commit for the length of your program. Understand and trust that I may know something you don't! Go with the flow? YES PLEASE! In the 3/6/12 months working together we can achieve great things, be it in your business or personal life. Some people purchase their programme when they want to work on certain mental health problems. For example I am a constant guide for a few who have Fibromyalgia, they find it invaluable to help them live their lives with this support. I will dig out your blocks and remove them to create flow in your life in all areas. With your help of course. I will show/guide and teach you to think in the correct way for you. We will identify your soul's purpose. We will meditate together. (12 month EXP I will create personal meditations for you to use) We will release all past emotions you do not need for your future. Everything we talk about is 100% confidential, although I am a straight talker, you will find me sensitive, compassionate and empathetic to your needs I SAY IT AS IT IS WITH LOVE AND EMPATHY Empath is a natural element which creates a bond to access the necessary areas. Whatever your personal reasons for joining the programme, I know you will benefit and have greater visions for your future life. Join me by clicking on the picture links below to access your chosen one. 3, 6 or 12 months I am so very happy we are working together in the future, to create what you, desire as success.