1 month premium support


Real time guidance for a whole 30 days





There are so many people who offer guidance, but they seem to miss the “how to”. I show you the how to, I take you through the stages to release what holds you back. More importantly I will find what holds you back, we will find these blocks together.
I have put this one-month support programme together to enable those who are on their spiritual path but want to see results quicker.
For those who are feeling stuck in their lives and need to visualise their direction.

Do you want to:
Gain more clarity in your life and work?
Gain more clarity in your visions?
Have the ability to make decisions quicker?
Have clear focus?
Learn how to put everything together that you already know?
Increase your knowledge base?
Access the universal energy force?
lift your soul!

When you are looking for external help and no one is there, it is often a message to say…

“focus internally to access your own bank of knowledge.”

I am here to hold your hand and be your guide at this precious time in your life.

Why work with me? click to read more

woman draw a light bulb in white board

Spiritual development

To develop, not necessarily all but definitely some of the following:
Reading cards (this is not a tarot course) 
looking at oracle cards and reading with intuition and Universal Energy guidance. 
This could be reading anything, it is the connecting with intuition and UE that is important.
Releasing blocks
Recognising blocks
Creating diversions
Why things happen in life and how to deal with them effectively
This programme is for people who are on their path or those who are open minded to it

Life development

To develop, to the point of recognising you are a soul in a human body having an earthly experience.
To let go of conditioning and regain your rightful place.
Releasing blocks
Recognising blocks
Looking at repeating patterns and how to let them go
Feel that sense of elevation as you become your true self
You can feel amazing and focused

All the above are guidelines and will be adapted to suit your specific needs

Act now and project yourself further in a whole month of commitment, more than you probably have in the last 12 months.

Your commitment is to:
Focus for a month
Set your intention to what you really want to get out of this
Listen and act accordingly 
Be open minded to all that is.

!If you are closed and negative this is not for you!

Premium support includes
Initial skype/phone call to ascertain your needs and identify your blocks approx 30 minutes
2nd skype/phone call with a plan of action
3rd skype call to Remove blocks
Moving forward, exercises and development in the form of video lesson content, audio or more skype calls
Guided meditations created for you
This premium support is tailored to suit your needs and may or may not include all the above.

There is no time like the present to get things moving, most people see results within a few days.

YOU ARE ready for this.

Make me your accountability partner!

Click the link below to secure your ONE MONTH PREMIUM SUPPORT – 



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