01-11 Foundations

Universal Energies 1-11 Foundations – webinars that give you insightful information to carry you through your life.

Listed below are the 11 fundamental pieces of knowledge you will ever need to build your foundations as you live your life.

Whether it be a spiritual path, by spiritual I mean… “Relating to or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.”

We are working with the spiritual you, to help you maintain what you came to earth with. Your souls purpose is what you came here with, you were put in an earthly body and conditioned by society/media/governments/family and a whole lot of other stuff.

01F – Grounding and Protection =  It is important to keep our feet planted on mother earth in all that we do. It is equally important to be protected from those around us, who try and dictate what and how we should live our lives.

02F – Chakras = An explanation and insight into the energy centres within our body.

03F – Cutting cords = An exercise to help you release yourself from past emotions that no longer serve you. Traditional counselling without the counselling is my definition of this. I show you how to release without reliving those traumatic events in your past.

04F – Meditation = Everyone one can do this, it can take little time and effort and you will be surprised at the different ways one of which will suit you. Great for focus, mindfulness and focus.

05F – Past Lives = Our past lives show they may have an influence on this one. Learn how to recognise the difference, tune in to this information.

06F – Energy Awareness = learn how to focus on the energy around you. How to sense change and develop that sharp awareness for yourself.

07F – Healing = There are many types of “healing” talked about. I will give insight in what is important for you as a foundation.

08F – Recognising Divine Guidance =  This is invaluable in your life. You may miss opportunities, guidance and synchronisations.

09F – Aura =There is more to your Aura. we will look at the layers and what can affect it.

10F – Psychic = What does it mean and how can you develop it.

11F – Mediumship = What is it and how you can develop it.

All of the above for the 11 foundations of the Universal-Energies Teachings. The greatest foundations you will ever need. Once you have learned them, they are always there to fall back on.

Moving on from this will take you to the Universal-Energies Foundations Plus of which there are five.