Universal Energies Excite me!

Universal Energies bring the ZAP back into your life 

For a long time they have been part of my life, my work and my love.

Working intuitively for many years, Jan Mayfield is now sharing and teaching you all she knows, has researched and channelled to enrich her life and now your life.

Channelling the Universal Energies connects to another source, the all seeing all knowing source. Creating the connection totally changed Jan’s life and led to Soul Purpose living.


  • YOU CAN DO THIS TOO… you can connect to the Universal Energies
  • We can do it together, Jan will teach you
  • Guidance, tuition and development from the right teacher will soon have you on the right path.




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Sense your energy become lighter within minutes of connecting to the Universal Energies
Join me in all I do, enjoy being in the flow